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Indian School of learning, Sudamdih is an English medium co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. This school offers education from KG to class X. this is one of the schools run by the Academic Quest a non-profit making society. It is established for all practical purposes and for all round development for desirable physical and mental health of the children. The aims of the Indian School of learning, Sudamdih are to develop the sense of national integrity, fraternity & brotherhood among the students, to sharpen the intellect and bring about complete awareness of new ideas of the work, to develop a sense of responsibility, co-operation, generosity & obedience to help them acquire healthy habit of good, clear & systematic living.

Education is companion which no misfortune can depress no crime destroy no enemy alienate no disposition, no slave at friend abroad, an introduction, in solitude, a source of solace and in society an ornament. What is a man? A splendid slave, a reasoning savage.”

Education is the exercise and development of the power of mind. The development of desirable traits and the characteristic is the chief work of education.

Parents, who are awake to their responsibility about the future of their children, are always looking for help because in the hands of parents is given a gigantic task to impart proper education and training to their children. If the right kind of education & training is bestowed, the children bring joy and happiness to themselves, to their parents, to the nation and humanity as a whole. The children are the hope of the future and the success of democracy depends chiefly on proper education.

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