Secretary Desk

A Few words from our Honourable Secretary

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh

Having sowed the seeds of vision Late Jagdamba Singh lifelong secretary of ISL group. It gives me a deep sense of pride to see the blossoming of this stupendous school which I have nurtured with passion, sheer dint of hard work, grit and determination.

In my knowledge and belief ISL, Sudamdih for me is a flow of a sea of emotions which is now gushing ahead with full force. Unique and breathtakingly beautiful in ambience and a rare amalgamation of cultural richness of India blended with modern scientific equipment to nurture the young minds and propel them forward to face the challenges of life that’s ISL, Sudamdih School, a school that puts education in a new perspective. As the school progresses so does my role and it is my honour to be at the helm of financial, administrative and ever important day to day running of our remarkable institution. A role that goes beyond creating buildings but encompasses building a community - a global community where young citizens from India and various parts of the globe amalgamate on a common platform of interest, beliefs and ambitions.